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Where do I begin with this unforgettable Royal National Park Wedding?

In October I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding story of two-super-lovely-girls by the Hacking River. The atmosphere was simply magical.. perfect weather, vintage styling, hyper-talented wedding band (Mimosa guitar & Violin), an incredible grazing board and canoe rides along the waterfront.

Put simply, I could not stop smiling. After some time spent relaxing by the water, everyone gathered for the ceremony which took place under a big beautiful tree. After many heartfelt congratulations Ella & Miranda jumped in a boat and made their way down the river together. Being able to capture them in such a magical moment as they passed under a bridge is something I’ll always remember.

Not too long after, we made our way back to the tree where they both took some time to say thank you to all of their loved ones. It was very apparent that they had such a deep bond which made for some truly warming speeches.

Being present on such a meaningful day is something I’ll always be very grateful for. I only hope for the greatest joys to follow the marriage of these woman, all the best to their bright future together!
– Shot as part of Studio Something.