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about me



I'm an Australian based photographer living in Sydney who loves to travel somewhere new, make new friends, and document life in an authentic way. I'm constantly exploring new ways to express myself creatively, and after spending a large chapter of my life as a touring musician, I've dedicated myself to the creative pursuit of fine art photography.

I would love to think that my photography unveils that sense of magical space shared between two people. As someone who strives to experience the 'real' things in life, my aim to capture raw and genuine moments is naturally reflected in my photographs. I'm all for candid photos, organic emotions and a non-forced artistic approach to taking portraits.

Why do I love to photograph weddings? An exciting day where everyone is dressed up, in a beautiful location, celebrating love while the emotions are high - I couldn't think of any other occasion I would be more delighted to document.

I feel utterly blessed to do what I do.. Nothing makes me happier than going somewhere new (especially overseas) and documenting the unique stories of people I meet. Have a look around at some of the moments I've captured and if you're interested in my photography, I'd love to have a chat - Feel free to get in touch with me here.

Thanks for stopping by!
- Morgan